The Course of Studies in Materials Science in collaboration with the Project “Scientific Degrees” carries out and promotes activities of orientation, counseling and information aimed at high school students.


Every year at the Macro Area of Sciences of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" the Scienza Orienta event is organized, which takes place generally in a week of February. During this event the high school students populate the university by participating in a series of events such as popular conferences, scientific demonstrations and meetings with teachers. RESERVATIONS


Between February and May, the educational offer of the University of Tor Vergata is presented each time in a different Macroarea that opens its doors to the students of the schools. The list of dates can be consulted on the site: OPEN DOORS


After the summer the Macroarea is set up with tables where already registered students are available to provide information to the students who intend to matriculate and who, in this way, can get in touch with those who have recently experienced the experience of choosing and still attends lectures and workshops. In particular, you can find information on admission tests, calls, scholarships for deserving students and enrollment incentives. LINK


Students interested in enrolling in a Science Macro Studies course can do an internship in a laboratory with the aim of drafting a paper to be submitted to the state exam. In this activity the student is assisted by a supervisor who is a teacher of Tor Vergata who, in the end, will evaluate and issue a certification of the work done.


The Scientific Degrees Project was created with the aim of encouraging enrollment in scientific degrees and decreasing the rate of abandonment. PLS WORKSHOPS. Students coordinated by a teacher of the school perform an experiment at our headquarters in Tor Vergata.
In particular as regards orientation, the Science Degree Project for Materials Science offers 5 types of activities aimed at students:
  • LABORATORI PLS. Gli studenti coordinati da un docente della scuola realizzano un esperimento presso la nostra sede di Tor Vergata.
  • THE WORK OF THE RESEARCHER. Students try their hand at the researcher's work: they study a physical phenomenon, perform an experiment, acquire measurements and finally analyze the data. At the end a scientific report is drawn up.
  • THE GREAT EXPERIMENTS. Students attend Physics experiments particularly significant for historical and scientific reasons in a classroom specially equipped for the experimental demonstration of Classical and Modern Physics.
  • BECOME SCIENTISTS. This is an internship at a research group in the Department of Physics lasting 4/5 days.
For more information you can read the letter that is sent each year to schools with a detailed description of these activities
Link to the letter
These activities are carried out in collaboration with the educational laboratory of physics and mathematics. LINK